Short About Us

Dear Customer,

Welcome into my house, I am CLD and I was born from Care, Love and Devotion. This 3 attributes, are the guiding lines that define me and I wish to share it with you from now on!


Care – for quality, design, functionality, sustainability;

Love– for attachment, passion, goodwill, joy;

Devotion – for commitment, loyalty, dedication, constancy;


From now on, my goal is to offer you, all the help you need for your daily travels!

I hope that we will become inseparable.


Yours fateful, CLD.

As a parent, you must carry a lot of things for your baby care. We know that because we are parents too and we are struggling every day to contain everything we need for daily travels. So, we decided to create a single DIAPER BACKPACK that can contain everything we need for our baby, to be MULTIFUNCTIONAL, good looking, durable and, above all, EASY TO USE.

With Changing Pads

Water Proof Materials