About the product CLD

PREMIUM QUALITY DIAPER BACKPAK with CHANGING PAD- Waterproof material, easy to clean, smooth to touch, good looking and fashion trendy. It is made from strong and durable materials, balance structure design and functional materials (water proof and thermal insulated – for the three front bottle pockets), strong and easy to pull zippers, strong and comfortable handles and belts.


LARGE SPACE DEPOSIT – generous space deposit (24 liters volume), inside and outside pockets, intelligent placed on each side, that can be filled with different objects a mother needs for her baby, without affecting the inside volume charge.


THERMAL INSULATED POCKETS and MULTIFUNTION UTILITIES – its special design allows you to carry it as a Bag or as a Backpack and the special band with caps from handles offers you the possibility to hock the backpack on your stroller. It has a back zipper that allows you to communicate with the inside, in case you need to pull out something from the inside, you do not need to empty the backpack- simply open the zipper and get what you need. Big front pocket that contains 3 special pockets, thermal insulated to place your baby bottles, keep your bottle contains warm or cold. Two side pockets where you can place wet napkins with a special opening that allows you to pull out the napkins through the pocket – no need to take out the napkins package. It also has a special string attach for key.


SPECIAL DESIGN – its special design with wide opening allows you to fill it with everything required for baby daily needs. Compact and durable structure combined with increased volume deposit and multiple inside and outside pockets offer you the possibility to travel anywhere using just CLD BACKPACK that can carry about everything you need for baby care. It also comes with a CHANGING PAD, with waterproof materials, outside and inside, made from materials that are friendly with your baby skin; it is foldable and has 2 extra pockets for diapers and lotions.


QUALITY GUARANTE: CLD offers a 30-days satisfaction money back guarantee! You can use this BACKPACK as your maternity bag, a baby diaper backpack, a changing bag or a travel bag. IT is not just a simple organizer bag, but an useful asset, that will convince you to forget other bags.

Product Description

BACK PACK SIZE – 42H x 27W x 21D cm, meaning 24 Liters volume;
MATERIALS -Water proof nylon and 210D for the inside pockets, premium and durable materials;
– As a parent, you must carry a lot of things for your baby care. We know that because we are parents too and we are struggling every day to contain everything we need for daily travels. So, we decided to create a single DIAPER BACKPACK that can contain everything we need for our baby, to be MULTIFUNCTIONAL, good looking, durable and, above all, EASY TO USE.


MULTIPLE INSIDE and OUTSIDE POCKETS for your baby bottles, toys, phone, tablets, lotions, diapers, napkins, etc;
PREMIUM FOLDABLE CHANGING PAD with waterproof materials, friendly with your baby’s skin, with 2 extra pockets;
3 THERMAL INSULATED POCKETS in the front of the backpack, that can keep your liquids warm or cold;
KEY RING ATACHED BELT, inside you can attach your key and, this way, keeping your pockets free;
INTERIOR POCKETS that can contain your phone and your tablet;
ADJUSTABLE PADDLED shoulder straps for the ultimate comfort;
3 DIFFERENT WAYS to CARRY : as a Bag or as a Backpack and the special band with caps of the handles, offers you the possibility to hock the backpack on your stroller;
WIDE OPEN ENTRANCE that can help you fill it or empty it out easily;
4 COLOR RANGE and trendy design makes perfect for both parents to use.